Scrapy Basics

Getting Started with Scrapy and making that first dollar!

What is Web Scraping?

In a nutshell: Web Scraping = Getting Data from Websites with Code

Web scraping is sometimes called Web crawling, web harvesting, or web data extraction too. Essentially, it simply means going to a lot of pages and getting data from those pages in a CSV or a database for example.

What is Scrapy?

Scrapy is a Python library to make web scraping very powerful, fast and efficient.

There are other libraries too like BeautifulSoup, for web scraping. However, when it comes to true power and flexibility, Scrapy is the most powerful.

Why Learn Scrapy?

  • Most powerful library for scraping
  • May look daunting, but actually is easy to master
  • You would start working on real projects within few days
  • Cross-platform: doesn't matter which OS you are using
  • Cloud ready: Can be run on cloud with a free account

Why 1 Dollar? Good Question!

The reason is actually very simple—I don't want you to enroll into this course just because it is free.

I have data to prove that when people pay, even if it just a dollar, they are far more like to go through the course! I want you to go through the course, not just enroll.

With credit card processing fees, monthly payments for maintenance, and tax filings, pricing the course at $1 means I incur loss. I will take this if it means making you go through the course.

By the way, 7 day money back guarantee is still applicable on this price.

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Why Scrapy should be the first thing you learn in Python

When you start learning Python, some real world practical examples will always help.

Web Scraping freelancing jobs are easy to start with, and with only few hours of efforts you can make $1,000 a month. Most of us will have bigger motivation to learn when we see real money rolling in.


This course assumes you know at least basics of Python. If you know how to create a class in Python, you are good to go.

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